Wazifa For Mother in Law – Wazifa To Kill Mother in Law

wazifa for cruel mother in law

Wazifa For Cruel Mother in Law

Not every daughter in law is fortunate enough to get a nice and sweet mother in law. Some mother’s in-laws are very evil and wicked. You must have very often read the news in newspapers that a saas tried to torture a newly married bride for dowry, or a woman committed suicide because of domestic violence. Yes, it is all true. It is sad to accept that even when our beloved prophet has told us to stay peaceful and with love with each other yet there are some women who try to spoil the life of their own daughter in law.

This is the very big sin that if you are not harming your saas in any way and you are always nice and obedient to her still she is trying to insult you, torture you and physically abuse you. In India, when a girl leaves the house of her father after marriage she desperately tries everything to make her nikah work, because a divorced lady is looked down upon in our society. It is the duty of a wife to keep her husband happy and if the husband commands her to be nice to his family then she tries to do everything possible to achieve that.

Wazifa To Kill Mother in Law

Wazifa To Kill Mother in Law

But what if you get a bad mother in law who physically tortures you all the time; in such situation, you have the right to practice wazifa to kill mother in law. Since murdering someone is haram in Islam but if someone is violent with you then you need to do something about it. You can practice the wazifa to kill mother in law and with the help of this she will die naturally, with the command of Allah Subhan Waa Taala and you will get the awaited freedom, in your life.

Nowadays, problems from mother in law are a very common issue. If your saas is really bad and she makes you work like a donkey, day and night and you are tried because of her nasty comments and insulting behavior, then you must use the wazifa for cruel mother in law. Yes, my dear sister this wazifa for cruel mother in law is actually a tested wazifa to help women like you who do not have any support for herself and their lives have been made miserable because of their mothers-in-law.

Wazifa For Bad Mother in Law

The wazifa for bad mother in law

Aaauu Zu Beeka Leema Teel Laahi Aaltamaatee Min Kullu Shaitanee Wahammtin Wamin Kulli Ayenin Laammati

This dua has to be read daily without any gaps for the next 7 days. You need to recite the dua at one specific time daily. Make sure that no one knows about it. You need to recite this wazifa for bad mother in law in an alone space. After reciting the dua (after any farz namaz) for at least 300 times, you need to make prayer to Allah Subhan Waa Taala to get rid of bad mother in law soon. If this wazifa doesn’t help you in any way, please contact us as soon as possible.

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