Wazifa for Getting Marriage Proposal of Choice for Girl in 21 days

Wazifa for Marriage Proposal in Urdu

Wazifa For Marriage Proposal in urduAre you young and beautiful? Do you wish to get married to a handsome and caring guy? Do you want partner to be well-settled and with a recognized family background? Of course, why won’t you?

Every girl of age for marriage wishes for a charming, rich and decent husband. But, how many of them get that? Most of the girls are young, have a beautiful face, nice body, perfect home makers, yet they don’t get desired marriage proposals. This is where the wazifa for marriage proposal in Urdu or other languages help you. The wazifa for marriage proposal in Urdu language have been in use from ages.

There are many girls who have every quality of becoming a very good wife but they are not getting desired proposals. Every parent wants to get her daughter married to a well-settled and educated man but because of many reasons, they can’t. One of such reasons is greed for dowry. Today, men not only want beautiful brides but the one, whose family can bid highest for him. They want a decent girl who brings lot of dowry along with her.

Wazifa for Marriage of Choice in 21 Days

Wazifa For Marriage of ChoiceDowry has also been prohibited in Islam and not every parent can afford it. This is a very common problem faced by the parents in the current times. That is why; the wazifa for marriage proposal for girl is used by most of the parents. The wazifa for marriage proposal for girl will help you in finding best proposals for their daughters. It will help you in finding greed-free marriage proposals easily. No parent would like to pay off any man for marrying their precious daughter. Save your children from such marriage proposals with wazifa for best marriage proposals.

Another problem that the parents face during their children marriage especially when it comes to daughter is lack of certain qualities. For instance, if a guy is not good looking then it doesn’t matters but if a girl is not pretty then it gets tough for her parents to find a decent man for her. So, if your daughter is aging old everyday and you are not able to find a perfect match for her, then you must try the wazifa for marriage in 21 days. It surely gets answered back instantly. The wazifa for marriage in 21 days has helped many parents in finding the best life partner for their precious daughters.

Wazifa For Marriage Proposal For Girl

Wazifa For Marriage Proposal for GirlGenerally, this wazifa for marriage take 21 days to work. Always consult an expert molvi in order to avoid any sort of mistakes. These wazifa require great care while performing them. Therefore, the guidance of our expert Islamic astrologer must be taken into consideration.

If your parents are not able to find a perfect match for you and you know someone who can be your life partner, then practice the wazifa for marriage of choice. The wazifa for marriage of choice will help you in getting marriage proposal from the person you like. It will also help you in convincing your parents for marriage of choice.

Here is a wazifa for marriage proposal. It is important to contact our astrologer before you start performing it; like it is important to consult a doctor before taking any medications on your own.

Au zu billlahi minash shaintanir razeem … Bismillah hir reh maa nir raheem!!

To get good marriage proposal and pious partner – you must recite the below given dua daily (11 times), along with Durood Shareef, before and after the given dua. Write the name of the person you want to marry in a piece of paper and hold it while you recite the dua.

Dua – Rab Baana Hab Laana Azz Wa Jeena Wadhur reey Yateema, Qur Raata Ayionee Wa Ja Alna lil Mutta Qina Ima ma

Translation – O lord, Sooth the eyes with wives and children, and make us partners with your pious followers.

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  1. Aasalamualaikum am 26yrs old my mother is too much worried about my marriage so plz help me what can I read so dat I can have a good deeni husband

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