Wazifa And Dua for Love or Someone To Come Back

Dua for someone to come back to you

Dua for Someone to Come Back to You

If unfortunately you come under such situation where you lost someone special without whom you can’t imagine a single moment of your life then you don’t need to get depressed or hopeless as there are ways through which you can make someone to come back into your life even after breakup or even when someone else is in his/her life. If you want someone to come back in your life then you can always take help from Islamic dua for someone to come back

Dua for Love Come Back

Love is one of the best feelings in the world that make us feel every special. Whenever human beings fall in love with someone then they start to enjoy their company and try to spend each and every moment with beloved. Gradually, people get addicted of that one and can’t even imagine their life without their beloved. Unfortunately, due to some reason or misunderstanding couples get separated.  If you love someone but cause of some misconception lost your love partner then no need to worries anymore because dua for lover come back will make your help.

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Wazifa for love come back

Every relationship goes with ups and downs; however some of the couples can easily survive their relationship while another can’t. Surely, it doesn’t means that they don’t want to keep it healthy; there might be some misunderstanding between them that can cause the relationship distance. If any of you find yourself in this situation then you can take help of wazifa for love come back and after that your love partner will come back in your life. Many of the people so far have taken help of this wazifa for lover come back and all satisfied from wazifa and living happily together.

Dua for Love Come Back

Dua is one of the powerful payers in the Islam that help to make all things possible, no matter how much things are tricky or impossible. Here is Dua for lover come back to help those couples who lost their love partner unfortunately and looking to get back together at any cost.  So if you are in this situation then you need to take help of dua for love comes back.

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Dua For Love Come Back in Urdu

Dua for Lover Come Back

  • جمعرات کو رات کے روز جمعرات کو رات کے روز شام میں ایک ماہ کے مہینے پہلے
  • 11 بار کے لئے ڈارڈو-شیفف کو پڑھائیں
  • آیت کریمیا کی تلاوت کریں: – لا الہ الا الٹا سبحانکا اننی کوپن مینا زلیم “900 بار
  • 11 بار کے لئے اختتام میں ڈارڈو-شیفف کو پڑھائیں
  • آپ کی پیروی کرنے کے لئے آپ کو واپس آنے کے لئے اللہ (ص) کی دعا کرو
  • انشا اللہ آپ کو مل جائے گا کہ آپ کا سابق آپ کو واپس آ جائے گا.

مولوی جی کی مدد کرنے کے لۓ آپ کو مشورہ دینے کے بجائے طاقتور دعا کا فائدہ اٹھاؤ.

Dua For Love Come Back in English

Powerful Dua for love come back is given below:-

On the first Friday night i.e. the night before Friday of an Islamic month

  • Recite Darood-Shareef for 11 times
  • Recite Ayat Kareema :- La Ilaha Illa Anta Subhaneka Inni Kuntu Mina Zalimin” 900 times
  • Recite Darood-Shareef in the end for 11 times
  • Pray to Allah (swt) for your love to come back to you
  • Insha Allah you will see that your ex will come back to you.

To take avail of powerful Dua as per suggestion you need to take help of Molvi Abul Rihab ji.






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