Powerful Wazifa And Dua To Win Lottery – Wazifa To Win Lotto

Dua To Win Lottery

Dua To Win Lottery

Money is a very indispensable part of a person’s life. Without money, a person cannot dream of even sustaining his life. It not just fulfills your basic needs but also gives you a defined status in society. Earning money is very important to live and sustain. People go for great lengths to acquire wealth in their lives. However, despite trying hard for several means to get money, often people are at losses arising out of debts, unlimited expenditures, etc. Due to all such reasons, some people lose hope while others use unfair means to earn a livelihood. The result of such practices is fatal. Some people try their luck in the lottery and if they win they become millionaires in a day. If you also wish to win the lottery or get your lotto number, then you may recite this powerful dua to win the lottery. This dua to win lottery will increase your chances of winning the lottery ticket easily.

Powerful Dua To Win The Lottery

There are several means of earning money but these ways require a lot of hard work and dedication. One of the means is trying your luck in lottery but winning a lottery is not easy. You need to be extremely lucky in life to win your lotto number. However through the practice of this powerful dua to win lottery, your chances of getting the first prize in lucky draw manifolds. You can get your jackpot number or lotto number and gain huge amounts of money.

Wazifa To Win Lottery

To get your chance of winning the jackpot or lottery ticket, you can perform the Wazifa to win lottery. This Wazifa to win lottery would help you in getting the first name in the prize distribution and the luck will turn into your favor. The Wazifa to win lottery is given below:

  1. On a particular Friday night, write your wish of winning on a plain paper.
  2. Now add few drops of rose water onto it.
  3. Now read the below given Wazifa for 121 times

Powerful Wazifa To Win Lotto

Wazifa To Win Lottery instantly

To win the lottery or gambling, you can read the following Wazifa to win lottery:

Subhaan Allah Waabi hamdehi Subhaan Allahila Azeem Astaagh firrullah ”

سبحان اللہ وبهامديه سبهانللاهل ا’جےےم استغفرللاه

  1. While reciting, blow on paper for 29 times.
  2. Roll this paper and put it inside your locker or where your money is placed.
  3. Now read the Wazifa again for 151 times.
  4. With this money, you can use to buy your lottery ticket.
  5. Remember to keep that paper in your pocket while going to buy the ticket and you

Dua To Win The Lottery

  • Firstly, make fresh wuzu.
  • After performing Isha Namaz, recite Surah Bakra once and then read this dua-Inna Allah Yusmiuo Maanyashao for 5 times to win lottery
  • Pray to Allah to give you luck in winning the lottery.

With the help of this strong and powerful dua and Wazifa to win the lottery, the probability of getting your name first in lotto would increase and Insha Allah you will be blessed with plenty of money in your life.

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