Dua and Wazifa To Keep or Send Mother in Law Away

Dua to send mother in law away

Dua To Send Mother in Law Away

Ya Hayyu Kaumu Ya Hayya La Ilaha Illa Anta Beerah Teeka Astageeshu Fasalee Aalaa Muhamad Aala Muhadin Waa Alee Muhamadan Wa Agshaneesa Ata Alsaata. As Aaluka Allah Humma An Tu Saalli Ala Muhamdin Wa Aa Lee Muhamadin Wa An Tal Tufa Leee Waa Aan Tagleeba Lee Wa Aan Tum Kuralee Wa An Tagdaaa Lee Wa Aan Tak Eeda Waa Aan Tak Fee Yaani Maunata Faalan Ban Falan

The above given dua to keep mother in law away is a very strong prayer to send mother in law away from your life. So, you need to take permission from our Alim sahib before reciting the dua. You need to tell him first that what kind of situation you are facing with your mother in law so that he can couple this dua to send mother in law away with the most powerful and appropriate wazifa to send mother in law away.

Wazifa To Send Mother in Law Away

The wazifa to send mother in law away to read this dua is mentioned for you – First, you need to make proper gusool and then ablution, perfectly. Make sure that the clothes you are wearing must be clean absolutely. Now, Start the wazifa with “Bismillah” three times, then you should read Durood Shareef once and then the above given dua 7 times, after that you have recite Durood Shareef once again and in the end, repeat Allahu Akbar, thrice, out loud and clear. After when you are done with the wazifa, you can pray and make dua to send mother in law away to Allah Subhan Wa Taaala.

Dua To Keep Mother in Law Away

If possible, try to talk about how your mother in law tortures you and why do you want to send her away, you can even cry and request to the Almighty to make your mother in law disappear from your life. This is 3 days wazifa, no gaps are allowed. If this wazifa doesn’t helps you in anyway please reach us to discuss about it. Also, do not start the wazifa without seeking permission from our Molvi ji. 

Wazifa To Keep Mother in Law Away

Dua To keep Mother in Law AwayYou must be thinking that we must try to make a daughter in law understand that she should make peace with her mother in law instead of giving them the powerful wazifa to keep mother in law away. But, everyone has a different life and different set of problems. There are many daughters in law who get tired of their mother in law torture and commit suicide or go for divorces from their husbands. In such cases, only wazifa for cruel mother in law is the only way to get rid of cruel saas.

A marriage is bond between a man and his wife and if the husbands command his wife to be obedient to his parents then it is her duty, to do so. But, the relationship of between the husband and the wife is the priority of every married woman and if you feel that your mother in law is trying to create tension between you and your husband then you have all rights to practice the wazifa to keep mother in away, without any guilt.

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