Dua To Separate A Couple or Someone – Dua and Wazifa To Separate Two Person

Dua To Separate A Couple

Dua To Separate A Couple 

Dua to separate a couple, after reading the heading, a person may think what kind of wazifa dua it is. But, many times due to a lot of reasons we have to do certain things which we would have never thought of doing in normal circumstances. For instance, if your husband is having an affair with another lady and you get to know about it then it will really hurt you. It might be possible that if those two person may stay together for long then your shohar may even leave you for her.

Dua To Separate Two Person

Under such circumstances, you can only make dua to separate a couple for your own well being. The dua wazifa to separate someone will keep your spouse away from illegal relationships and this will help you in keeping your marriage, safe. It is allowed to use the wazifa to separate someone with good intention to fulfill your desires without hurting anyone. You shouldn’t use these wazifa to hurt someone as these are really strong and their impacts are long lasting as well. Therefore, it is extremely important to take permission from our Maulana sahib before practicing the wazifa to separate two person, on your own.

Dua to separate two person (SURAH FIL) – Alam Tara Kayfa Faa Aalaa Rab Booka Bee Ash Aaabil Feel, Alam Yaj Al Kay Da Hum Fee Tad Leeel Mwa Arsalaa Alayhim Tayran Ababeel Tar Mihim Bee Hee Jaa Ratim Min Sij Jeeel, Fajaa Alaahum Kaa Asfim Maqooll

Wazifa To Separate Two Person

Wazifa To Separate Someone

The wazifa to separate two person is mentioned for you – It is only a one day wazifa. You need to get some sand from any old grave. Now, keep the sand in a bowl and recite SURAH FIL at least 21 times. Surah is mentioned above for your help; make sure you pronounce each word clearly and correctly. In the end, take the names of two person whom you want to separate along with their respected mother’s name. Now, divide the sand equally and throw each half of it in both person houses, if not possible then try to keep it near their door. Make sure that you make the dua to separate two person, standing right outside or near their houses.

Wazifa To Separate Someone

You need to this wazifa with utmost care and it is extremely powerful and a small mistake can back fir its impact on your life and well being, too. Therefore, if you have any doubts or uncertainty in your mind then it’s better to reach our Molvi Abdul Rihab ji rather than proceeding ahead in a wrongful manner. The intention for this wazifa to separate someone also matters a lot. It is not healthy to break a relationship between two person but if you are in a situation where you find this to be the only solution then do not worry.

ALLAH knows the best and the worst that is why, he blessed us with Holy Quran, where we can find answer to all problems. The wazifa to separate a couple is taken from holy Islamic books therefore it is a 100% working trick and you can trust on it.

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