Dua To Marry The Boy or Man I Love – Dua To Marry Someone of Choice

Dua To Marry The Boy I Love

Dua To Marry The Boy I Love

It is a misconception about Islam that it does not support marriage of own choice. Yes, it is true that having an illegal relationship before nikah is forbidden in Islam but you do not have choice to select your partners. Most people think that a girl choice doesn’t matter in marriages but it is not true.  In fact, it is mentioned in the holy books that the consent of the girl is of high priority before marrying a boy. This is why, in the procedure of nikah, it is asked to the girl first that whether she accept the terms of marriage or not and she has all rights to give her free consent, only when she is happy or satisfied with the nikah.

Still there are many sisters who belong to conservative and reserved families and because of that they get pressurized and go for forced marriages. Such marriages are haram in Islam. If you love someone and wish to marry that person then you can convince your parents about it with “dua to marry the boy I love”. Insha Allah, when you will recite this wonderful “dua to marry the boy I love” and then go to your parents to talk about it, they will listen to you carefully and without getting mad at you. This dua makes the process of convincing people for love marriage easy.

Dua To Marry The Boy I Love

Dua To Marry desired Boy

In conservative families, it is not easy for a girl to go her parents and even tell them that they found a man with whom they want to spend the rest of their life. It is considered disrespectful and such girls are considered to be of low character. Sadly, but it is true. In such situation, only the dua to marry the man you love can save you, my beloved sister. Yes, this dua will automatically create ways for you in which your parents might come on their own and ask your choice or maybe they may choose the same guy for marriage that you love.

The dua to marry the man you love is your only support in such difficult times. Start reciting it now before it gets too late and you are forcefully married to someone else for life. Our Molvi Abdul Rihab Ji has knowledge of best duas for love marriages and we know how difficult is for a girl to get married to someone she really loves.

Dua To Marry Someone of Your Choice

Most of our sisters keep their desires in mind only and try to commit suicides while others just crush their hopes and go for arrange marriages. But, why not try the dua to marry someone of your choice? It can make things possible for you in a peaceful manner. Yes, you can marry your lover with your parents’ permission as well as your in-law approval. The dua to marry someone of your choice is mentioned for you and you can reach us to know the best way to recite it. For any other problem, you can email, call or visit us anytime.

Dua – Rabbee inneee limmaaa annzaltaa ilayyaa min khayrinn faqeer.

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