Islamic Dua Prayer For Love Between Siblings – Wazifa To Keep Brother Sister Love

Islamic Dua Prayer For Love Between Siblings - Wazifa To Keep Brother Sister Love

Dua For Love Between Siblings

In today’s times, it is very sad that it has become common that the siblings are attached with each other. They don’t care about each other’s welfare. Earlier, siblings use to die for each other; the brother would give away their lives to protect their sisters from evils. But, in the present times, the brother and sisters do not worry about each other’s troubles. This forced our molvi ji to post wazifa and dua for love between siblings and to bring family closer.

This dua for love between siblings can be read either by the brother or the sister or even both, together. The parents can also read the dua for love between siblings for the happiness and peace of their children; they can blow it on their kids to keep them attached with each other. So, here goes the wazifa to keep love between brother and sister.

Wazifa To Keep Love Between Brother and Sister

This is a strong solution to develop love between brother and sister. If you have fought with your brother or sister then this wazifa to keep love between brother and sister will help you in resolving the issues. It is an extremely powerful, 100 percent working and exclusive wazifa that has helped many Muslim brother and sisters. This wazifa is known for showing instant results.

Sometimes, there are disagreements between siblings which can further lead to quarrels. Such minors issues can divide the brother and sister, in future so don’t avoid such situation, find a cure when it is small. The wazifa to keep love between brother and sister is best for big as well as small problems between the siblings. It is a sign of a good Muslim that he or she should not stay angry from another Muslim for more than three days. So, rectify the problems with your sibling as soon as possible.

Islamic Prayer For Siblings

Islamic Prayer For Siblings

The Islamic prayer for siblings is given below –

  • Recite Bismillah Hir Rehmanir Raheem, thrice;
  • Repeat Astaghfirullah, seven times,
  • Repeat – La Ilaha Illalah Mohammadur Rasulallah Sallallahu Alayhe Wa Sallum (11 times) & end it with Durood Ibrahim 7 times;
  • You need to perform fresh wudu before the procedure and the prayer has to be done for at least 3 or 7 continuous days, In Sha Allah, very soon you’ll see the growth of care and love between the siblings. If this Islamic prayer for siblings doesn’t show any sign of changes between the siblings in next three days, please contact us soon. There might be some mistake which you are doing or there is some evil magic on you or on your sibling.

This Islamic prayer for siblings will sort out all difference; you just need to practice it carefully as told by us. You can call or email or meet our molvi ji, so that he can properly guide you through complete procedure, depending upon your situation and main reason for differences.

Do not practice anything on your own so that you don’t have to deal with unwanted results. In Sha Allah, the dua for sibling love with definitely show results soon, Ameen!

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