Dua and Wazifa To Break Marriage – Dua To Separate Husband and Wife

Dua To Separate Husband Wife

Dua To Separate Husband and Wife

Do you want to separate a wife from her husband? Do you know a marriage that is inappropriate needs to broken immediately? We understand due to many reasons there are a lot of marriages that require separation. This is why; a lot of people ask us to share the righteous dua to separate husband and wife. Since breaking a marriage is not a small thing, therefore, proper thinking needs to be given to this topic. Yes, the wazifa to break a marriage is a very disastrous and effective weapon given in Islamic textbooks.

If you really want to know the best wazifa to break marriage, you can reach us through call, email ID or direct meetings. You can talk to our learned and knowledgeable molvi sahib to share your troubles with him. He will listen to your problem and guide you with the best wazifa to separate husband and wife, according to your situation. You are not supposed to practice any wazifa without the consent of our Maulana sahib.

Wazifa To Separate Husband and Wife

Wazifa To Break Marriage

These wazifa to separate husband and wife are extremely powerful therefore they should be used only for marriages that really require a divorce. You shouldn’t practice the told wazifa with any wrong intention. Marriages are a very important Islamic contract between a man and his wife and every step must be taken to preserve it. But, if the situations require a divorce then the dua to separate husband and wife is allowed to be used in Islam.

The dua to break marriage – الجبار (Al Jabbaar)

You need to recite the above-given dua for at least 700 times. Don’t forget to add Durood e pak, in the starting and ending of it (7 times). After you are done with the procedure, you need to make prayer to Allah Subhan Waa Taala to break the marriage and separate the husband from his wife. You can cry if you feel like, make sure that you explain your true intents behind your desire. You need to make a fresh wadu before doing this procedure. Make sure that you are absolutely alone while you do this procedure.

Dua and Wazifa To Break Marriage

This is a very powerful dua for separation of husband and wife; if this dua doesn’t help you in the next 5 days then you can reach us to get the strongest wazifa to separate husband and wife from our Hafiz Abdul Rihab Ji.

These procedures can be performed by anyone. If you are not happy in a marriage then either the husband or the wife can pray for separation. If you feel that your kid is not happy after marriage then you can perform the wazifa to break marriage on their behalf, as well. And if you love a person and want to marry him or her but they are already in nikah with someone else then you can read the dua to separate husband and wife and break their marriage and afterward getting married to the person, you like. So, you can reach us anytime no matter what your reason is we will insha Allah guide you with the best dua to break marriage.

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