Dua and Surah Ayat To Keep Love Between Husband and Wife

Dua and Surah Ayat To Keep Love Between Husband and Wife

Ayat for Husband Wife Love

Every husband desires a loving partner and every wife wants her husband to love her the most. The relationship of a man and his wife is so pure and beautiful, in which two different people belonging to different families come together, fall in love with each and other and stay together till death separates them. It is the best relationship, in which you get a friend, a relative, a spouse, a family, and almost every significant relation. This relationship is very important in the life of a man as well as in the life of a woman, therefore both equally strive hard to keep their marriage going and to make it happier.

Sometimes, due to the bad intentions of some people and evil eyes of shaitan, the pure relation of a man and his wife get disturbed. Shaitan provokes the spouse to fight with his or her partner and this leads to tension and chaos in the house. Such fights disturb the peace of the house and also affect the mindset of young children. This is why there is so many ayat for husband wife love is given in the Quran Majeed to help the miyan biwi in making their relationship stronger. With the use of the ayat for husband wife love, they can protect their relationship from the evil intents of shaitan. The ayat for husband wife love brings your marriage under the protection of the Almighty.

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Surah To Keep Love Between Husband and Wife

Surah to keep love between husband wife – SURAH AL FALAQ

The above given Surah to keep love between husband-wife will help and safeguard your relationship from the harmful activities of evil jinn or the evil eye of Shaitan. This Surah to keep love between husband-wife is protecting and benefiting the marriage relationship from centuries. If you feel that your relationship needs protection or if you feel that there are some people who do not like that you and your spouse are leaving a happy life, then you can recite the above given Surah, everyday 7 times before reading the namaz of fazir.

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Dua For Love Between Husband and Wife

Dua For Love Between Husband and Wife

After reading the Surah and namaz of Fazir, you can make dua for love between husband and wife. You need to do this procedure for the next 7 days. While making the dua for love between husband and wife, you can cry also and beg Allah to grant you his protection. You can request him to protect your spouse from the evil. In Sha Allah, if done as told to you and with good intentions, the dua for love between husband and wife will certainly be answered.

Since these procedures are little tricky and require expert training before a beginner does them, you must consult our Molvi Ji once before starting with it, to avoid unwanted results. If you feel that something is getting between you and your spouse; your husband is ignoring you or your wife is hiding something from you, then before it gets too late, contact us, we will be very happy to help our Muslim brothers and sisters and to serve this Ummat.   

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