Dua and Wazifa To Keep or Send Mother in Law Away

Dua to send mother in law away

Dua To Send Mother in Law Away Ya Hayyu Kaumu Ya Hayya La Ilaha Illa Anta Beerah Teeka Astageeshu Fasalee Aalaa Muhamad Aala Muhadin Waa Alee Muhamadan Wa Agshaneesa Ata Alsaata. As Aaluka Allah Humma An Tu Saalli Ala Muhamdin Wa Aa Lee Muhamadin Wa An Tal Tufa Leee Waa Aan Tagleeba Lee Wa Aan Tum Kuralee Wa An Tagdaaa Lee Wa Aan Tak Eeda Waa Aan Tak Fee Yaani Maunata Faalan Ban Falan The above given dua to keep […]

How To Get Rid of Cruel Mother in Law By Ubqari Wazifa

Ubqari Wazifa For Mother in Law

Ubqari Wazifa For Mother in Law Almost every woman has to face a certain number of marital problems in her life. These problems can be of many types. One of the most common  reasons behind such issues is a bad mother in law. When a girl gets married and after the nikah she has to move in with her spouse family, her life entirely changes. If the girl is lucky enough to get warm welcome from all family members then […]

Wazifa For Bad and Cruel Mother in Law – Wazifa To Kill Mother in Law

wazifa for cruel mother in law

Wazifa For Cruel Mother in Law Not every daughter in law is fortunate enough to get a nice and sweet mother in law. Some mothers in laws are very evil and wicked. You must have very often read news in newspapers that a saas tried to torture a newly married bride for dowry, or a woman committed suicide because of domestic violence. Yes, it is all true. It is sad to accept that even when our beloved prophet has told […]

Wazifa To Get Rid of Mother in Law – Wazifa To Control Mother In Law

Wazifa To Get Rid of Mother in Law

Wazifa To Get Rid of Mother in Law Are you not happy in your married life? Is your main problem is your mother in law? Your mother in law stays with you all the time? Does she create a lot of problems for you? Is your husband is not ready to live separately? Do you think like most of the people, you and your husband should also live alone and start a fresh life? Are you not able to change […]