Dua To Marry The Boy or Man I Love – Dua To Marry Someone of Choice

Dua To Marry The Boy I Love

Dua To Marry The Boy I Love It is a misconception about Islam that it does not support marriage of own choice. Yes, it is true that having an illegal relationship before nikah is forbidden in Islam but you do not have choice to select your partners. Most people think that a girl choice doesn’t matter in marriages but it is not true.  In fact, it is mentioned in the holy books that the consent of the girl is of […]

Islamic Dua For Successful Love Marriage – Dua For Love Success

Islamic Dua For Love Success

Dua For Successful Love Marriage Love marriages have become very popular nowadays. Many people have performed it but it is believed that arrange marriages have less chance for divorces as compared to love marriage. This cannot be completely right, as the future cannot be certain always. Our future is in the hands of the Almighty and only he knows what will last and what will break down, we can always anticipate and prepare for a better future. Same is the […]